Avery Fernandes

In October of 2013, Paul (father) and Avery (high school student) Fernandes visited a school in Manague Nicaragua bring gently used and new soccer balls to the students of Nueva Vida School.  The children ran and played, bring a sense of excitement to their day.

Ciuadad Sandino is a city just outside of the capital of Managua, Nicaragua. This new urban area, termed Nueva Vida of Sandino was created to give the people living their hope after the terrible tragedy of Hurricane Mitch. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch tore through the area, decimating the homes of thousands of families.

Nicaragua has a high amount of unemployment and the third lowest per capita income in the Western Hemisphere. Distribution of income is one of the most unequal on the globe. While the country has progressed toward macroeconomic stability in the past few years, GDP annual growth has been far too low to meet the country’s needs, forcing the country to rely on international economic assistance to meet fiscal and debt financing obligations.

The School is educating 150 children each year, has a staff of 6 teachers and a principal who oversees the ongoing operation of the school. In addition to educating the children, there are feeding programs that provides a nutritious daily meal for the children. The children are also provided with medical care (dental, eye and general medicine) on a regular basis through the work of the Medical Teams from North America. This medical care includes the provision of medicines, glasses and primary dental procedures and follow-up care, free of charge.

Avery has been volunteering with Chance to Play before High School with her friends sorting and organizing teams for overseas soccer programs.  Avery is a leader and shows passion and excitement with others which help her in her high school years.