Isabella Beaupre


My name is Isabella Beaupre and I’m a Grade 6 student at St. Bernard in Ottawa. Before starting school last September, I was cleaning out my closet and found some old soccer jerseys. I have been playing soccer for over six years and competitive soccer for the last four. Instead of donating my gear to a local charity, I had the idea of sending my gear to underprivileged kids in other countries. Then I thought, why not make this a bigger initiative and organize a soccer uniform collection at my school. Playing soccer, I have made some great friends and I’ve learnedChance to Play Fundraiser that if we work together as a team we can accomplish our goals. I wanted kids in different parts of the world to also feel like part of a team! To help me, I contacted Chance to Play. I then wrote a letter to my principal and he was on board! I posted posters all over the school, prepared flyers for the kids to take home, made daily announcements, and soon my collection bins were overflowing! I surpassed my goal of collecting 50 uniforms and collected over 100 pieces of gear! Thanks to the generosity of Greyhound in Ottawa, I was able to ship boxes of jerseys, shorts, cleats, shin guards, socks and soccer balls to Anita at Chance to Play . The best part was seeing some pictures of those who received the gear! I hope to continue this initiative next year in grade 7, at my new school St. Francis Xavier.

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