Léa Corbeil


Meet Léa Corbeil

School IBO Personal Project – St-Hubert, Quebec

Hello, my name is Léa Corbeil and I am a 11th grade student in the International Baccalaureate Program at Heritage high school in St-Hubert, Quebec. To complete our senior high school year, all student were assigned a long-term project on a subject of our choice.

For my personal project, I have chosen to collect used soccer equipment to give less fortunate children the privilege12239991_1520628361580557_5374623933348612436_n of playing soccer. I have participated in two humanitarian trips, a first one in Peru and a second in Guatemala. I was amazed to see to joy a soccer ball or a soccer jersey could bring to a child. Playing soccer with the children of Peru was a magical moment for me and that is where I got the ideal for my project.

The Play it Forward Soccer Program implemented by Chance to Play organization is exactly what I needed to make sure all the soccer equipment I have collected is distributed to children in local and international communities.  Anita Bergsma’s vision of improving a child quality of life with the help of soccer is something I strongly believe in. I have been playing competitive soccer for more than 6 years now and I have learn so much by being part of a team. Soccer has help me develop my confidence and my self-esteem.

LeaI have collected equipment from soccer clubs in local communities, friends, family and teammates. This project also noticed with a Facebook page and website I have created. I am happy to say that my project was very successful and I have collected equipment that will give many children the opportunity to be part of a soccer team. I was also proud to have spread the word about Chance to Play’s mission. Many local soccer organizations were not aware of the Play if Forward program and I hope that they will think of you in the future to donate their equipment.

I hope this project made many realize how easy it is to bring joy to children and to improve their quality of life. By collecting the equipment, I hope I have raised awareness and encouraged people to also give out their time and kindness to their community and to community all around the world.

Léa Corbeil