Fundraising Ideas

We are available to provide support to you and your group through the entire process.  Share with us your fundraising plans.

Fundraising Ideas

Toonie Drive:  Each classroom sets a goal, create a poster, challenge the other classes in who can raise the most money and have fun.

Mini Golf Tournament:  Each class creates an unique “hole” , set up course in the gym or outside, students, staff and family pay to play the course.  Refreshments, games and prizes can be a part of the fun.

Or create your unique fundraiser.

Fundraising Tips

1. Make a list of family and friends who will help support you and contribute to your fundraiser.

2. Share your personal story of inspiration, through social media, to why you decided to break help children play soccer and break the cycle of poverty. Talk about your Fundraising plan!

Facebook – Set up a Facebook Group and share with your network.  Use pictures, start discussions on soccer and poverty, share your goals, and ask for support.

Twitter – Tweet facts, stories, pictures, and videos that relates to your fundraiser. You can find more information about the impacts of our Play it Forward Soccer Program.

3. Set a fundraising goal. Consider the list of projects and items needed:

Average Price * Project
$25 Purchase soccer balls and ball pumps for a children and youth in a school.
$50 Provide soccer coaching and training programs in communities.
$100 Grant a loan for communities to set up and start a soccer club.
$500 Sponsor a soccer team for one year that will fund local tournament costs, such as travel and rental of soccer fields for practice.
$1000 Shipping and distribution of soccer donations to communities.

5. Build a team or group. Reach out to family, friends and coworkers; working together that creates a ripple effect of change.

6. Celebrate your success!  Thank everyone that contributed to your goal. You have created a lasting impact for children and youth around the world and Canada.

*please note-Chance to Play is in the process of seeking charity status with Canada Revenue Agency.  Your support will provide sustainable changes in communities that continue to seek for assistance.  We will continue to be accountable for all monetary donations given to Chance to Play with our donors.