About Sponsorship

About Your Soccer Team

Once you’ve chosen your team, we’ll send you a welcome package with all your need to start building your relationship:

  • information about your soccer team
  • details about your team players
  • community information and how your support is making a difference
  • tips on how to write your first letter

Get Connected

Exchanging letters, pictures, and stories will build a relationship that will impact both you and your sponsor team for years to come.  You will also have the opportunity to send gifts to celebrate special occasions in the life of your sponsored team through the year.

Be sure to look in your welcome package for some ideas that will help you get started on your first letter.

See the Difference

Each your, you will receive a progress report with an update photograph of your sponsor team updates.  The report details the impact of your support in the community so you can celebrate the positive contribution you are making.  This can include the teams progress in tournaments, training, and mentorship programs.


Graduation is a time for celebration and the end goal of team sponsorship.  A team graduates when the children and youth has become self-sufficient and sustainable.

Leading up to the graduation, the team is prepared for adult life through leadership and mentorship, advanced soccer skills and other learning opportunities for learning.  This is a joyful occasion.

You can share in the excitement of graduation by celebrating the challenges your sponsored team and their community have overcome.