The Sponsorship Journey

Why it matters

The difference to a soccer team

Soccer team sponsorship means children and youth can see beyond poverty to a brighter future. When you sponsor a team, you support projects that provide your soccer team with access to the basic essentials of soccer: to shipping much needed soccer equipment, transportation to and from soccer tournaments, healthy meals and snack during games and practices, tournament registration fees, and soccer field fees.  Children and youth grow up confident, know their rights, and are less vulnerable to violence and exploitation keeping them off the streets and in school.

The difference to a family

You will bring hope to a communities. Through your sponsorship, children and youth will have access to experience coaching staff, soccer skills training, leadership training, mentorship programs, self confidence, and skills that will care forward for the next generation, which in turn impacts many other children and youth in the community. Your support means we can partner with communities to build strong and sustainable solutions.

The difference to a community

It takes a community to raise a healthy child. Caring sponsors empower communities to be safe places for children and youth to grow, laugh, learn and play. Our work addresses the unique needs of each community.

Strong communities that work together can achieve positive and lasting change.