How We Do It

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One Used Uniform Goes a Long Way

When our work began in 2011, the approach was basic. We provided soccer uniforms, balls,  and other soccer gear for children and youth in elementary and high schools, orphanages and soccer programs through Team sponsorship. We have learned a lot and now we offer additional solutions to poverty and injustice issues — and make it sustainable so it lasts.

We work around the world and across Canada, because we believe in the power of transformation.  Our  programs empowers children and families to break the cycle of poverty and reach their potential.

How C2P Works

Chance To Play works with a two tier process.

Step One

Working with Canadian Soccer Club to collect gently used and new soccer uniforms, balls and other soccer gear that would otherwise been thrown into the landfill.   Through community and club collections, Chance to Play will be continue to work with communities around the world.

Step Two

C2P Partners with existing soccer programs and schools:

  • Urban Angel-St Michael’s Hospital
  • Canadian Food for Children
  • Scouts Canada
  • GE Canada
  • Various youth and adult volunteer trips